Lola Guindal, is an independent professional expert in communication in English, with translation, interpretation and management services in English at all levels, contacted Ignacio to launch a business solution on the market.
Ignacio helped Lola studying his business project and several of the components of that project.


Lola had several objectives from her contact with Ignacio:

1. Better connect with her audience

2. Accelerate her reach in the target market, mainly Spanish companies that want to improve their international presence

3. Improve her confidence in something she did not "like" very much


Results obtained working with her and her team: video

-Complete review of the sales script

-3 documents (sales pitch, sales tools and how to enjoy sales)

-Trust and open door policy with Ignacio at any time

Learn more about Lapiedrarosetta and how Lola and her team can help your company communicate in English at another level

Lola Guindal Video.jpg

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