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Why do we talk about mental health, instead of talking about our heart and feelings?

It seems that if you use the terms "mind", "brain", "I think", "I believe", "I have to" you are in line with the current moment and the popular wisdom accepted as "good" today.

It seems that being "productive", "proactive", "multitasking", "risk-prone", "ambiguity-averse" or "excellent stress-bearer" are highly valued.

These are skills and attitudes that are highly valued in today's world, by companies and, it seems, by today's workers, both in the workplace and in conversations with friends.

Today we live in times when we stop to "feel" or express ourselves differently, as "I feel", "I want to do" (instead of I have to), "I want to be", "I want to try", "I would like to". It seems that if we speak in these terms, we are not appreciated by what is demanded by that great socio-economic mechanism that does not stop the system.

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And so life passes us by without us stopping (not to think), but to really feel the real hidden pain that everything that we don't want to stop and feel right now produces on an internal emotional level.

To feel in order to accept, experience, savour or cry what we need to heal, in order to build a day to day life more in tune with who we really are.

And the fact is that we are stardust and vibrant information flowing in a spectacular universe, with enormous potential to make great the small moments of each experience that we are lucky enough to live every second.

And I choose the word live, because in many occasions (I include myself) we go through life like the living dead, without feeling, without expressing our pain and fears openly and believing (not feeling) that this will make us stronger.

This is a great fallacy that each of us can continue to suffer if we so wish.

However, on the day of our death (yes, death, that term that we find so hard to touch) we may realise and feel in a second all that we wanted to have felt many other times, that potentiality that we let pass us by in life, when we could.

And this is not about being positive all the time, about being able to cope with everything, that everything is going to turn out well.

Not at all, in fact good or bad are terms that have been instilled in us so that we can "judge" instead of feeling continuously.

This is about precisely the opposite. That we can express at any time how vulnerable we feel about specific events in our current or past life.

Or the fears we often feel on a daily basis.

Nor is it about us going around all day counting our sorrows, but about flowing more in tune with our universal essence, our "little prince or princess", that we don't let it die, and that it lives and comes to light many more times, because this way we not only live more fully, but we also give the opportunity to many other people to also feel and open up.

This is not about being strong, it is about living.

Life is for the living, with a full sense of what it is to live.

In future posts, I will bring up other words that have been haunting me in recent days and years. Words that I had not stopped to analyse their actual meaning. And now, stopping to analyse them, I feel that I have been using them in a completely different way to their broad, integrating meaning.

Today we are already commenting on "I feel" instead of "I think or believe".

Words like "work" or "communication", for example the latter being used as someone's ability to get their message across or influence one or many people, when perhaps it can be looked at from this other place: common-action, or the will and intention to truly incorporate the desires of one or many people for the sake of a mutually agreed and balanced purpose.

Or "mental illness" rather than "emotional". In fact @matlab has found that the heart sends much more information to the brain than the other way around. Could it be that we are better off listening more to our heart, intuition (and stomach) than to our brain every day?

We will develop these concepts more in future posts, in fact, if you liked this one, take the opportunity to leave in comments the concept/s you want us to explore in a future post. Let's communicate in common action. I look forward to your comments.

Without further ado, a big hug to all of you.

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