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Why do most people give problems? (Instead of solutions)

According to a recent study carried out worldwide in a well-known sociology institution, 75% of the people prefer to get things solved rather than investing time in finding a solution for them.

It’s simpler, quicker and does not require exposing yourself to the danger of not finding the right solution. This has also to do with a very primeval part of our brains called amygdala which avoids any kind of stressful situation as for us to survive over any potential danger threatening us, anytime.

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Then why do people just complain when things do not happen the way they want?. Why do they avoid the responsibility when decisions have to be made? Or when things are not going the right way? Where are those ones who complain about their current status quo, situation or circumstances, when things go wrong?

The response once again is affecting the same average of 75% the population mentioned above. It’s easier, quicker and does not require to expose yourself, to blame others for those circumstances, putting potential danger away.

Suffer today to grow tomorrow

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for personal, spiritual, mental and emotional growth, other than consciously exposing yourself to difficult, dangerous and non-comfortable situations 75% of the population is avoiding to face.

The stoic learning method talks about this principle in depth and detail, giving various and simple tips as “make sure you do more of those things you feel uncomfortable with daily basis”.

So best advice the stoic school is telling us is; face today that difficult conversation you have been avoiding so much time, approach that person who you have been avoiding for such a long time and tell her/him how you feel. Book time in your daily agenda for re-visiting the basics of your daily life.

Remove those things from your life which are not 100% yes (Essentialism). And change them for those ones you have been avoiding for such a long time.

Most importantly avoid easy stuff. Avoid complaining, chit-chat, talking about others, when you have so much to do and change the ways you approach the simplest things.

And then might be the case you stop complaining and seeing beyond, where just a 25% of the population is able to look at, not because they have a gift or it’s in their genetics, but because they just decided to do it and be the change they wanted to see around.

Such a simple stuff to write about and so difficult to put in practice. Maybe just because all we are missing is investing a single real, honest, humble and self-forgiving second to incorporate in our lives a meaningful little thing which might change it all, for the rest of our lives.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. No one is guaranteeing you tomorrow, you just have now. Walk your talk, and be true to yourself, impact positively the most people you can, as that will be the biggest gift you will take to your tomb.

Keep rad, do believe in change, and be the change itself, by do simple things which mean a lot.

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