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The fallacy of linear time (and space)

On this subject there are already several scholars who doubt that time and space work and are as we have been taught.

In fact, myself, as the author of this post, I´m the first one to doubt it. Authors like Benjamin P. Hardy Phd, of such brilliant works as Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time already tell it supported by theories as crazy and real as 1+1=2.

Who would have thought it, right? Without mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, religious people, we would be practically nothing, we wouldn't know anything. Well, for me that is a mere 50% of the equation, at most. One more fallacy.

What I am certain of is that the more I study and read, the less I know. And the more I live life fully in tune with my essence and listening to my heart, the less I even know.

And maybe that's the trick of life, to stop following rules and study to the letter, but to follow more what other forces that we don't see whisper to us.

Do we see the Wifi?, and we connect to it and incredible things happen, even though it is almost normal. Do we see the bad or good energy that a person, place or moment has, and how do we live that?

Personally, without going to studies, books or theories, I believe and feel that this life is continually offering us situations and moments to change our perspective and make an emotional and spiritual leap, instead of remaining tied like hamsters to the wheel that turns and turns endlessly, as in Groundhog Day (Trapped in Time).

How can we be trapped in time if our matter dies and changes every second? Maybe it's a trick of life not to make us see or feel that which really changes everything, for the better.

I do have one thing clear, if something scares you, if you respect it, but you feel that it is what you want to do, go and do it. Change I must or I have for I want.

The more you think and make excuses for not doing it, the more you will keep going round and round in circles, until time shows you that it is not linear, and that space is not what you thought it was. Although if you take too long, it may already be too late for the game of life.

I want to use this post to thank a person that life introduced to me at the very moment when I started to contemplate synchronicities, and to do my part to feel more of what I didn't feel before.

That person is Tiffany Barnard. She came into my life without making much noise, but she made a big impact. And with her I am being able to hack time and space.

Picture property of Tiffany Barnard @

Doing things I never thought I would do. She helps me to figuratively "be" in several places at the same time, thanks to her advice, listening and practical ideas.

It is an honour for me to share a part of the way, without time or space and with great admiration with this Life Coach who is helping me so much to be, live and feel. She is also helping me to give shape to such a beautiful project as the "School of Natural Activities".

If after reading this you think that to get from A to B, being the average time 5 years, you can get there in 1 second of the current space time, without winning the lottery, nor with a miracle, I recommend you two things, that you do more than think and that you connect with Tiffany.

About the Author Since 2011, I have gathered some provocative ideas in an unconventional trilogy of books published in Amazon, Bubok or Google Books. 500 people have already read them. Books in Spanish Bubok En Papel, Kindle - La gran farsa maestra, Todos los perros son Labradores, Una vida en un segundo If you want them in English you can also get them here on Amazon Kindle Any projects to work on or write about together? Any conferences you want me to participate in? - Contact You can watch me on Youtube and subscribe to receive unique videos. I am giving away a free copy of the book #Lagranfarsamaestra see more at this link How? Write me an email with any idea, tool or trick you are using today to improve your life and I will give you a book of the trilogy.

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