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Life is for the "alive ones"

This simple phrase carries so much that is subtle, hidden and yet so obvious.

I don't know about you but I come across people every day whose physical body seems to be alive but I see no light in their eyes, or in their soul, they go through life without any expression of their emotions.

Now Christmas comes and it is as if all the good we are, we have to give it away in just fifteen days, even though the people we meet we see twice a year.

My question is, what happens the rest of the year?

I invite you to read the spectacular essay Albert Einstein wrote about love in a letter to his daughter. I feel that more than a letter to his daughter it is a message to all humanity. And the writing begins like this:

"The universal force is love:

When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will now reveal to you for you to convey to mankind will also clash with the incomprehension and prejudices of the world. I ask you, however, to keep it as long as necessary, years, decades, until society has advanced enough to accept what I explain to you below". If you want to read the rest of it, here is the source

Photo property of Duy Pham @unsplash

And you may wonder why I choose to invest my time and energy in writing this when I could be doing other things that are more interesting to ME. The main reason is that I am alive and aware of it. Which leads me to ask myself questions such as what legacy I want to leave each day and when I am gone.

And this is my legacy: The message that if we all really help each other more, we will consciously create a much richer reality than the "apparently rich" and comfortable one we live in.

I don't know about you, but I felt that after the pandemic some things were going to change, that we would learn something and that this something would lead us to bring more light, to be closer, to be more present, to do a little more every day without expecting anything in return.

The reality that I have encountered is that people have become more and more withdrawn into themselves. I have seen some profound changes, but they can be counted on three fingers of one hand.

And I have seen many more who have become even more anchored than before, less mobile than before, and this saddens me.

I feel that every human being has been endowed with a large ego that makes us survive on a family or individual "micro" level. But I feel that even more we have been endowed with an enormous strength, energy and light to give to give away, because that is precisely your legacy what you leave and what you will take with you to the grave.

My message to all those who have decided to read this far is that it is never too late to invest a little more in what Albert tells us in his letter to his daughter.

Invest in love, the most powerful weapon inherent to the human being, which we have not yet learned to take advantage of. And why not from today, investigate and invest some of our time in learning how to use it.

This is my message for this Christmas period of 2022, and may Christmas be every day of the year, not a reduced period and marked by others.

Let's be love, as long as we can and our life will have been worthwhile.

A Kaleo song, see if you're willing to "break for someone else". And it doesn't have to be your family, partner or friends. It can be anyone, even someone you dislike.

Without further ado, a big hug to all of you.

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