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"A second is all that you need to make a difference.

A difference is what make every second worth living." 

Ignacio Gallo Campos
Ya a la venta Una vida en un segundo, desde el 2 de Junio.
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Welcome to the first second of a new life


Have you ever wondered why humans used just a 10% of our brains? 

Experts and scientists consistently repeat us that we humans cannot get to more than this 10%.

Well then, if you like me, believe in more there is far more than that, then this is your place

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¿Do you dare to know more? 


What if the truth of this all was as simple as 90% of our time we are investing it in living inside our brains, rather than doing what we think? 

What if that would be the case?

Could it be so simple to explain the real reason behind our true potential being used just in a 10%? 

Would it be that crazy?. Discover it

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